Mono Sun-Ray SRX


The Mono Pumps Sun-Ray SRX solar pump has been designed to transfer surface water with the same efficiency and reliability as other Mono solar pumps. Available, with either a stationary or GPS Tracking array, ranging from 175 Watts to 1400 Watts, the Sun-Ray can deliver very high daily flows with discharge pressures of 120m.

The highly efficient, helical rotor pump is inherently self-priming, so the pump can be positioned up to 6m above the water source, allowing the pump to be installed on the top of dam walls or on river-banks above the high water mark.

The Sun-Ray is suitable for pumping water from springs, rivers, tanks and dams. It is available with a floating pontoon that has been designed to safely enable the pump to float on a dam or other water source.

The PC (Progressive Cavity) helical rotor pump element used in the Sun-Ray pump is proven to provide maximum water output even in water containing silt or iron oxide, and low pump speed means extended rotor and stator life in abrasive bores.

The PC pump will deliver water with every rotation regardless of speed, on solar, when pump speed will vary with the amount of sun it is important to get water with every turn of the pump.

All Sun-Ray systems are supplied complete with pre-wired solar modules, array frames, pump element, submersible motor and solar motor controller. The entire package is easy to assemble and all electrical connections are fitted with plugs & sockets, so electrical connections do not require an electrician.

Accurately select the best system to meet your requirements using CASS (Computer Aided Solar Selection) software.

Float and/or pressure switch input enables complete system automation. The Sun-Ray will only pump as long as water is needed and will stop once tanks and troughs are full.

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Solar power – no fuel costs, maximum power and water when you need it most. Self contained – no need to connect AC power or transport fuel. Simple design, proven technology – you can rely on it to work. Supplied as a complete package – easy to install. Helical rotor pump – highly efficient, self priming. The rate at which water is pumped can be limited to suit the water source.


Full 24 month warranty – peace of mind.