Mono SB3


The SB3 is a Mono designed and manufactured easy to install solar submersible system ideally suited for small 3 inch + bores. Incorporating a reliable, efficient Mono helical rotor pump coupled to a robust submersible motor, the SB3 is an ideal windmill or hand pump replacement unit in areas where small shallow bores typically used for watering stock can be found in moderately flat terrain.

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The SB3 motor and pump has a max has OD of 70mm, making it suitable for small 3 inch + bores. Delivers flows of up to 24,000 L/day and heads of up to 50 metres. The SB3 requires no fuel to operate. Uses clean renewable solar energy. Noise and pollution free. Ideal for remote locations. Provides maximum water when you need it the most- in dry hot wind drought conditions. More consistent water supply than conventional windmills.


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