Lowara GL Series


Submersible Electric Sewage Pumps for Waste Water.

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Manufactured in cast iron – shaft and impeller in 304 stainless steel. Motor stator installed non-toxic, dielectric oil for the lubrication of the ball bearings and improved cooling. Volute pump casing. Mechanical seal protected by sand-proof labyrinth. Maximum immersion depth: 5 m.> “Liquids with suspended solids:DOC 3 and DOC 7 up to 10 mm, DOC 7VX up to 20 mm”. Maximum immersion depth: 7m.> Maximum liquid temperature: 50°C with pump wholly submersed. 30°C with pump partially submersed. Motor class F – IP68 – 2900 rpm. Single-channel or vortex impeller – cross-section Ø 50 mm.


SKU Max Flow Rate (lpm) Voltage Phase Max head (metres) Pump Type Motor Output (kW) GLM-55A Auto 600 240V 1ph 14.5 Channel Impeller 1.10kW GLVM-55A Auto 500 240V 1ph 9 Vortex Impeller 1.10kW GLM-55 600 240V 1ph 14.5 Channel Impeller 1.10kW GLVM-55 500 240V 1ph 9 Vortex Impeller 1.10kW GLV-55 500 415V 3ph 9 Vortex Impeller 1.10kW GLV-56 500 415V 3ph 12 Vortex Impeller 1.50kW GL-55 600 415V 3ph 14.5 Channel Impeller 1.10kW GL-56 700 415V 3ph 18.5 Channel Impeller 1.50kW


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