Kreepy Krauly Klever Kleena Klassic


The Klever Kleena Klassic is the ultimate in compact automatic pool cleaning systems. Its smaller size means it can get into nooks and crannies in all types of pools and will never get stuck.

The Klassic is programmed to automatically manoeuvre around all obstacles so you can just install and forget it. It does all the hard work for you – cleaning your pool quickly, thoroughly and quietly.

Klever Kleena Klassic is ideally suited to smaller, modern-shaped pools, either concrete, fibreglass or vinyl liner.

Top quality UV, salt, chemical and heat resistant plastics are used in the manufacture of the Klever Kleena Klassic.

AutoSkim is an optional extra that can be installed with your Klever Kleena Klassic for optimum automatic surface skimming and vacuum control.

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2 Years on the full system. 10 years on the flow drive.


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