Davey Frill-NeckWizard Automatic Pool Cleaner


Quiet, discrete and fast, the Frill-NeckWIZARD automatic pool cleaner is the ideal choice for hassle-free maintenance of all common pool types and surfaces.

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Additional information


Only 60 litres per minute required to operate. Most small pumps will run it Suitable for above ground or inground pools Ideal for use in fibreglass and concrete pools with a variety of surface finishes Using revolutionary super-quiet piston propulsion with no diaphragms and only one moving part for years of trouble-free performance Simple & hassle-free maintenance Easy set up and operation Supplied with a flow meter tester to allow a perfect match with your pump Comes with 12 quality hose sections with simple push-fit connections Made from UV stabilised and chemical resistant materials for long service life Universal weir adaptor and automatic weir valve enable quick and easy installation to your pool’s skimmer plate, with simple speed adjustment

Pool Size

Small, Mid, Large


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