Davey Celsior Spa Bath Pump C200 Series


Davey’s range of Celsior® Spa Bath pumps focus on energy efficient practices to heat the water in your spa bath. The use of Davey’s patented and unique heat maintenance technology ensures that up to 96% of effective energy is used saving you money in the long run and keeping your bath water warmer for longer!

Compact and flexible to install, the Celsior spa bath pumps are available in a range of control options:

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50% Quieter than other pumps. Pumps as large as 2 Horsepower, delivers greater water flow and pressure. Airswitch or Touchpad controlled. High efficiency impeller lowers running costs, delivering savings of up to 15% over older style spa bath pumps. Quiet, high quality, heavy duty, and manufactured with a Davey pump and motor the Celsior® range is assured of dependability for years to come.


Davey Celsior Spa Bath Pump C200 Series Specifications Davey Celsior Spa Bath Pump C200 Series Brochure



Model Number

C200A (Heat Maintenence), C200AB (Boost Heat), C200TB (Touchpad w/ Boost Heat)