Astralpool Hurlcon JX Heater


The AstralPool JX gas pool and spa heater is a premium fan forced heater designed for wall mounting. Available for indoor and outdoor application and ideal for confined spaces. Forced draft combustion system means lower clearances from windows and surrounding objects.

Available in 2 Models namely :

  • JX 130
  • JX 160


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Available for indoor and outdoor applications Heat on demand Efficient to run Wall mounting Smaller design and reduced clearance spaces.


The JX Gas pool and spa heater is designed to mount on the wall saving space and making maintenance easy. Normal flues rely on natural draught but this fan powers the JX draught so it can be more compact and efficient.


The JX combustion cabinet and chamber carry a limited 5 year warranty. The waterways and burners are covered for 2 years all other components are guaranteed for a full 12 months. For full details refer to the JX Series Instruction Sheet.

M/j Input

JX 130: 120 JX 160: 155

Kw Output

JX 130: 24 JX 160: 34


Astralpool Hurlcon

Model Number

130, 160