Zodiac V3 4WD Robotic Cleaner


Simply the best pool cleaner on the market.
The Zodiac V3 4WD attacks pool debris like a dog with a bone!

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4 Wheel Drive Thanks to its 4-wheel automotive drive system, the cleaner overcomes all obstacles with an amazing agility making sure all areas of your pool, such as floors, walls, steps and water line are perfectly cleaned. ActivMotion Sensor™ Automatically senses its position and adapts its cleaning path with an intelligent steering correction for a faster and more accurate navigation. Patented Vortex Vacuum technology Captures large debris such as gumnuts, twigs and eucalyptus leaves while ensuring constant suction power throughout the cleaning cycle. Super large and user-friendly filter canister Easy to access and hygienic, it allows you to clean and remove debris in a matter of minutes with minimum fuss. • Plug & Play Simply plug the power cord into a regular 240V wall socket and press the button ‘Play’ on the control box; the Zodiac V3 4WD starts cleaning whilst you can relax. Transport Storage Caddy Moving the cleaner around is a breeze with the user-friendly caddy! Certified to Australian safety standards


robotic pool cleaner • installation / start-up : plug & play cleaning cycle: 1h30 floors only – 2h floors & walls • energy consumption: 150 Watt/ hour number of motors: 3 type of wheels: 4-wheel drive weight: 9.5 kg suitable for all shapes in-ground pools suitable for concrete, pebblecrete, quartzon, tile, fibreglass, vinyl surfaces


Climbs walls and clean up to the water line, energy efficient lighter than others


2 Year Warranty

Pool Size

small, mid, large



Model Number

V3 4WD