Waterco Hayward Pool Vac Ultra


 One of the world’s best selling pool cleaners

Hayward’s Pool Vac Ultra is suction cleaner, so it’s simple to install. It plugs into the skimmer and uses the pool’s suction to vacuum the pool. And as it moves it helps chemicals to mix thereby reducing costs. But the similarities with most other suction cleaners end there. While others generate forward motion by constantly shutting the suction On and OFF. Pool Vac uses the uninterrupted flow to drive its own internal turbine. That places far less stress on the pool’s filtration system and makes Pool Vac much more reliable.

Pool Vac’s turbo-drive allows it to ‘walk’ over the dirt and debris that others try to push through using their hose for direction. Pool Vac’s independent steering and unique Smart Drive system combine to ensure its happy with any pool shape. They also allow Pool Vac to systematically clean every inch of pool floor and easily deal with small obstacles. So, in every way, Pool Vac is perfect for concrete and fibreglass pools.

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