Watermaid WM40 Salt Chlorinator


Take the hard work out of owning your own pool with a WATERMAID® salt water chlorinator to keep the water crystal clear and sterilised

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Robust metal case Thermally efficient transformer, double the size of most other brands and capable of operating to 30 amps Low temperature rise at full load and highly efficient rectification Advanced PCB and circuitry to prevent component overloading Heavy duty over-rated components Auto clean feature Low / high salt indication Optional in-built analogue time clock 2 Year Warranty* The WM40 Power Supply can be coupled to any model of WATERMAID® Cell. * Please see Owner’s Handbook for full details. Cell features: Large electrode surface area for maximum chlorine production Durable solid titanium electrode for longer Cell life (average 5 – 8 years) Proven cylindrical Cell design since 1971 “Full-Flow” or “Venturi” installation methods available (see Cell models below)


Power Supply: 2 Year Warranty*. Time Clock: 1 Year Warranty*. Cell: 1 Year + 4 Year Pro-Rata Warranty*. * See Owner’s Handbook for full detail


Watermaid WM40 Salt Chlorinator Manual




At full capacity, the WATERMAID® chlorinator consumes only 300 watts of power. If operating during off peak electricity hours (at a cost of 8.8c/kWh), the WATERMAID chlorinator costs only 2.4 cents per hour to run! Compare that to sanitising chemical cost


The WM40 Power Supply can be coupled to any model of WATERMAID Cell like QT, XT, EZ or VRT.

Pool Type

Inground Pool, residential

Pool Size

Small, Medium, Large

Pipe Size

40, 50

Model Number

WM40, Cells: QT300, QT400, XT300, XT400, EZ300, VRT300