Waterco Admiral ATV Robotic Pool Cleaner


The next generation Admiral ATV Robotic Pool Cleaner is an energy efficient, fully automatic submersible ‘robot’. Ease of use is key – it requires no installation, no hoses and no additional equipment.

The Admiral ATV has 3 self-driven internal motors – one of which enables it to vacuum up water, dirt and debris through a built-in pump and then filter it through an internal filtration system; plus dual direct drive motors that drive two powerful scrubbing brushes and propel the Admiral ATV around the pool.

Additionally, Admiral’s robotic technology allows for the automatic and systematic cleaning of the swimming pool without relying on the operation of the pool’s filtration equipment.

Plus the power of its pump combined with the strategic location of its large intake ports allows debris to be vacuumed not only from under the cleaner, but also from its sides. It means the Admiral ATV cleans a wider path than almost every other robotic pool cleaner on the market.

Unlike traditional suction cleaners, the Admiral ATV has no problem vacuuming up large leaves and sticks. This results in a more comprehensive clean in a shorter period of time.

A versatile cleaner, the Admiral ATV is equipped with five drive-wheels, which significantly increases the cleaner’s drive traction, and a floating swivel on the power cord, enabling 360° rotation and preventing cord tangling. Admiral ATV is perfect for all types of residential pools measuring up to 9m x 12m, and including vinyl lined, fibreglass, tile and concrete.

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