Davey Zelbrite Ultimate Pool Filter Media

Zelbrite is an advanced filtration media that out performs the traditional pool filtration mediums of sand and Diatomaceous Earth.

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Higher dirt holding capacity and the ability to remove finer particles than traditional sand and DE filters provides cleaner water that is visibly brighter and clearer while saving water as backwashing requirements are reduced.


For superior pool filtration combine your Crystal Clear or EcoPure media filter with Davey Zelbrite Ultimate pool filter media for clean and clear water and low water consumption. Zelbrite Ultimate is the only Australian media certified by Watermark


Please refer to Davey’s warranty terms and conditions on the website or brochure.

Pool Type

Inground Pool, residential, commercial

Pool Size

small, mid, large


Davey Zelbrite Ultimate Pool Filter Media Technical Specifications

Davey Zelbrite Ultimate Pool Filter Media Brochure




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