Davey Maxiflow Spa Booster Pump


Davey’s NEW QB Series Spa Booster Pump is a powerful and robust unit, that delivers high flows at relatively low noise levels. Powerful motor options are available with single or two speed models to help conserve energy, only switching to two speed when required. The QB pump is suitable for a variety of spa pool applications with the capacity to handle large numbers of spa jets and is the answer to a powerful, yet relaxing spa experience

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Additional information


Mainly used in spa pools, it has proven to be a quality pump that lasts the test of time., As such it is an excellent product to be used as a replacement for an existing Maxiflow spa booster pump as plumbing will remain unchanged.


The Maxiflow is a spa booster pump that has a long history of supply to spa OEM’s throughout Australasia and through out the world.


Please refer to Davey’s warranty terms and conditions on the website or brochure.

Horse Power

1.5, 2, 2.8



Model Number

C38, AMP, JJP6