Davey XCelsior Spa Bath Control System


Zelbrite is an advanced filtration media that out performs the traditional pool filtration mediums of sand and Diatomaceous Earth.

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Xcelsior bath control system is suitable for spa baths applications only. Xcelsior spa pool versions are available for better durability against pool chemicals. Integrated controller and heater in a compact, low profile pump design. No need for a separate control box. Connection to 10 amp power supply. 1kW heater element with the assistance of Davey’s patented water cooled motor design generates 1.8kW of effective heating maintaining your bath water temperature for longer. MasterTemp is engineered for super-quiet operation and won’t intrude on your poolside leisure time. Loadshedding enabled. Heater element will automatically disengage upon demand for the auxiliary output. High quality, heavy duty construction for a long service life. Single light output suitable for Davey LED light range. Single auxiliary for use of additional pump or blower (single/variable). Supplied with 40mm barrel unions and touchpad.


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