Davey PoolSweepa Wallclima


The PoolSweepa Wallclima is a standalone fully robotic pool cleaner that cleans the pool floor, walls and water line. Wallclima requires no connection to pool filtration systems and its environmentally-friendly cleaning process means you require less chemicals.

It scrubs, brushes, vacuums and filters to prevent germination of algae and bacteria.

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Additional information

Features & Benefits

Suitable for pools up to 12m in length and beach entry pools Cleans pool floor, walls and water line Digital switch mode power supply for long term drive control and lower running costs Adjustable handle floats for optimal pool coverage Ultra fine filter bag collects dirt, debris and dust particles Advanced scanning programme optimises pool coverage Obstacle escape capability Automatic shut off at end of cycle time Motor protection mechanism in case of the pool cleaner being overloaded

Pool Cleaner Type



2 years


Davey / Maytronics