Davey Eco-matic Small-Medium Commercial Chlorinator


Are you operating or designing a public swimming pool? If so, give the bathers what they want…a wonderful swimming experience without chlorine odours, and irritation to the skin, eyes and nose. They will keep coming back for more.
A salt water system delivers this, but also makes life easier for pool operators by automating sanitiser generation, and minimising the purchasing and handling of messy and potentially dangerous chemicals.
ECO-matic Salt Water Chlorination Systems are available with high outputs of 50 g/h and 100 g/h for applications in small to medium sized public, resort, hotel and school swimming pools. Incorporating high flow, long life electrodes with a robust heavy duty power supply, the ECO-matic Chlorinator is built to last and to provide many years of dependable chlorine generation for your swimming pool. Utilising the highest quality materials available, the system is complete with resilient powder coated cabinet and UV resistant Cell Electrode Housing. The ECO-matic is economical, simple to install and operate and is equipped with over load protection. Cell Output is displayed clearly utilising LED’s as is the Cell Overload, Low Salt level and Flow Indicators.

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50 g/h & 100 g/h models available Large High Flow Rate Cell Housing Heavy Duty Reverse Polarity Electrolytic Cell 2” or 3” inlet and outlet Powder Coated 230volt Power Supply LED display of Cell Production/Low Salt/Flow and Overload Indicators Variable Cell Production Control utilising Time Frequency Technology, from 10% to 100% output Lockable Power Supply cabinet


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