ClayTech Rainwater Tank Pump Blueline 240


The BlueLine 240 uses the highest quality components to deliver water to your house. Inside the pressure tank is a water bladder that fills up when the pump is first started. When you open your house tap the water is forced out of the bladder under the contained pressure within the tank. When the pressure in the tank lowers to a predetermined level, the pump automatically starts and delivers water to to your house. The benefit of this type of system is that it allows a toilet cistern to fill or a glass of water to be poured without requiring the pump to start. All pumps are tested to Australian Standards 60335 2.41 and have Approval No. Q070602. Specifications Power absorbed 1000 w Max. head 48 m Max. flow rate 100 L/min Tank capacity 24 L Inlet size 1″ Outlet size 1″ Weight 15.5 kg

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Blueline 240