Zodiac TRi pH Water Care System

The world’s easiest to install, operate and maintain chlorine generator.

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The NEW Zodiac Baracuda MX8 is a high performance suction cleaner unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

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Generator cell provides optimal performance, with better chlorination.
Easy-to-use one touch control unit.
Upgradeable system provides flexibility to suit your needs and your budget.
Reverse polarity cell prevents calcium build up


The automated pH balance functions means you no longer need to manually add acid to your pool water, thereby eliminating potential acid spill dangers. Coupled with a high performance chlorine generating cell you have a product that will keep your pool water clean and clear.


Zodiac TRi pH Water Care System Manual

Zodiac TRi pH Water Care System Brochure

Chlorine /hr

18, 25, 36

Pool Type

Inground Pool, residential

Pool Size

Small, Med, Large



Pipe Size

40, 50


3 Yrs power pack and electrode



Model Number

TRi ph Large, Mid, Compact


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