Zodiac FloPro e3


The Zodiac FloPro e3 is an economical, energy efficient, easy to use 3-speed variable pool pump specially designed for Australian conditions.

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Adjustable Speed Settings Ability to adjust the speed settings of the pool pump to ensure the optimum solution for any pool application. Energy Efficient Utilizing less power than the average pool pump, the Zodiac FloPro e3 is both energy efficient and environmentally conservative. Hydrodynamic Design The compact and rigid design allows for easy installation and operation leaving you more time to enjoy your pool. Intelligent Economical Motor The reputable and durable 3-speed motor will ensure years of hassle-free pool maintenance in even the harshest of conditions.


ImPower Motor Patented technology 3-speed operation (factory setting) Integrated electronics Mount to existing pumps Technical Specifications Output power max. : 1.0 HP Speed range: 1000-2850 RPM Voltage: 230 V Bearing system: ball bearings Axial flux PM design Compact design: length 211 mm including electronics TEFC construction FloPro e3 Controller The FloPro e3 controller has been specially designed for the FloPro e3. It is conveniently located on the motor of the pool pump ensuring ease of use. The FloPro e3 comes standard with 3 preset speed, however, you have the ability to adjust these speeds to customize the optimum flow (or RPM) for your pool application. FloPro e3 controller features: 3 Preset Speed Settings Eco Mode: 1900 RPM Clean Mode: 2150 RPM Boost Mode: 2850 RPM Variable Speed Selection Settings Press & hold each button for 5 seconds will switch to speed Adjust Mode (50 RPM per step). Press and hold 3 speed buttons for 5 seconds will reset all speeds to default.


Save Energy, Save Money With 3 preset speeds and the ability to adjust these speeds with a simple touch of a button you can save up to 60% in energy costs. In most installations, it will have a payback of around 3 years versus a standard single speed pump*. Running the filtration (pump) equipment for longer periods at lower speeds will reduce power consumption significantly. For example, if the speed is halved, the flow output is halved, and the power consumption drops to one quarter. Even at 50% RPM, the FloPro e3 can still turn over 50,000 litres in 4 hours.


Backed by a 3 year warranty (2 years on the mechanical seal). You can be assured of many hassle-free years of use



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