Spa Electrics GK6RX Retro Light


The Retro light was designed to enable simple replacement light for your existing pool light. These lights are available in two different styles to suit your needs: The flush mounted light and the surface mounted light.

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GK6 – Halogen replacement light, suitable to replace most major brands on the market. No cable joining required. Incoming cable can be disconnected and re-connected at the back of the light. Suitable for Concrete and Fibreglass pools. Slotted rim allows water circulation behind the light eliminating stagnant water and aiding in cooling. Choice of rim colours including: white, taupe, black, grey or ivory. Interchangeable coloured lenses available in blue, green, clear, red or magenta. Simple installation and one screw mounting for ease of service. Supplied with sealing kit. Unique electrical connection so that power cable does not intrude into light cavity – eliminates possible source of water entry. IPX8 waterproof rating. Designed and manufactured in Australia. Patents Apply.


Spa Electrics GK6RX Retro Light Brochure Spa Electrics GK6RX Retro Light Manual