Davey PoolSweepa Hybrid


1, 2 or 4 glass and stainless steel ozone cells with ceramic tube ozone generators and integrated power supplies; delivers dissolved ozone through main circulation system

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Electrically Self-powered System Uses pool water circulation to generate electricity for the scanning system. Electrical LED indicator signals normal operation and indicates flow rates. Works great with ECO pumps! Drive System Electrical switch operates the driving gear for efficient, quick and precise manoeuvring. Wall sensor, slope climbing and drain escape abilities. Pool Coverage CleverClean scanning algorithm ensures excellent and efficient pool coverage. Covers a mid-sized pool in approximately 1.5 hours. Thorough Brushing Capabilities The Davey Hybrid is the only suction cleaner equipped with a brush that thoroughly scrubs the pool floor to remove algae and bacteria. Cleaning Capabilities Patent-pending, super-efficient turbine allows continuous transmission of dirt through the turbine to the filter. Handles even rough debris, including, small acorns, long palm leaves and other rough debris, guaranteeing smooth operation. Efficient suction chamber leaves a clean path while scanning the pool. Escape Mode CleverClean software identifies when the robot has reached a wall or object and efficiently manoeuvres the robot back into the scanning pattern. Overcomes obstacles, such as drain covers, using mechanical and software systems. Energy Saving The Davey Hybrid cleans the entire pool in a very short time requiring minimal usage of the pool pump’s energy.


Cycle time: 1-2 hours Hose length: 10 x 1.17m sections Filtration: Uses your own filter system – connects to your skimmer box. Brush: PVC Cleans: Floor Suction rate: 5,000 – 8,000 ltr/hr


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Pool Cleaner Type


Length of Hose

10 x 1.17m sections

Time to Complete Cycle

1 – 2 Hours

Cleaner Type



Davey / Maytronics